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Our ability to think about and remember things changes as we age. It is important to know if these changes are part of the normal aging process, the result of depression or a nutritional deficiency, or a sign of a more serious condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

A memory assessment is an important piece of these puzzling and worrisome changes. If you or someone close to you are experiencing changes in several of the following areas a memory assessment is recommended.

  • changes in memory that disrupt daily life 
  • having difficulty with routine tasks or novel problems 
  • have found yourself in an unfamiliar place or in a familiar place but are unsure of how you arrived there
  • having difficulty visually with depth perception or identifying objects 
  • difficulty with vocabulary and word finding
  • losing or misplacing objects more frequently 
  • sudden changes in mood or personality
  • changes in decision making and judgment 
  • changes in social interaction and/or withdrawal

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Aging & Memory Concerns