Dr. Roxanne Hait, Psy.D. 
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Roxanne Hait is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in therapy, assessment, and consultation for General Mental Health, Life and Family Transitions, Relationship and Communication Difficulties, Trauma, Giftedness, and Aging and Memory Care. 

Dr. Hait's mission is to create hope and give patients a place to restore, maintain and enhance their psychological well being. She provides support and guidance to allow individuals to heal old wounds, grow in new ways and reinvent their lives.  Dr. Hait can help you navigate an unexpected life stressor or help manage a longer-standing psychological issue.

Dr. Hait is an integrative, dynamic therapist. A specialist in EMDR, a trauma processing therapy, her therapeutic approach is to provide support and collaborate with clients to explore issues and identify and implement realistic solutions. She designs individualized and personalized treatment, using a variety of research supported techniques based in Psychodynamic, Cognitive/Behavioral and Emotion Focused Theory.  Her approach allows individuals to share their struggles, identify their strengths and master new skills in a comfortable and confidential environment. 

‚ÄčTo schedule an appointment, please call: 602.633.5474. 

"My mission is to create hope & give my patients a place to restore, maintain and enhance their psychological well being. "